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Another newbie

Hi all,

Thanks to this new "Schools" feature on lj, I found this community. Woo, I'm so impressed that there was one. Anyway I'm a B.Sc.(Hons) in Applied Human Nutrition and graduated in 1998. On checking the QMUC website it looks like quite a few of the lecturers I had have either retired or left. It's good to see that Isobel Davidson and Mike Clapham are still around though, they were probably my favourites.

I lived in Stevenson Hall, House 2 for the first year. Sadly I am terrible at keeping in contact with people so I don't really know how anyone I lived with or how anyone that was on my course (or Dietetics) is doing now. I felt all lucky when I was living in the halls, when we came back from Christmas they'd redecorated and got rid of the hideous orange or purple curtains. The 2nd year onwards I lived near Tollcross and then afterwards on Gorgie Road

I spent way too much time at the bar - Fresher's Week was a blur, on the 85 or 86 Lowland Green bus and wonder how I managed to have so much fun with the small amount of money I had. Piling up the cheap drinks at Shark on a Wednesday night kept me entertained. I miss Edinburgh very much. :(
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