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Rock & Punk this weekend

Edg&r have two events for you this week..

Thursday 29th is a combined rock night with Untapped Talent as part of the Student Festival, with two bands - Celador and Omission - along with an Open Mic session and DJ sets into the small hours of the morning.

Teviot Underground. 21:00 - 01:30. £3 entry (£2 if you're in either society)

Friday 30th is a punk night with The Murderburgers (pop punk from Glasgow) and The Hostiles (ska from Ayr) supporting Edinburgh's classic punk band, Sad Society.

Bannerman's Bar. 21:00 - 00:00. £4 entry (£3 for Edgar and Glam members) and all profit going to help Shelter Scotland.

Also looming on the horizon is Cyberia on 20th February... for more info check out cyberia_v2.

Hope to see you this weekend!!
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The triumphant return of cyberia!

Grab your glowsticks, as it's time to welcome back Cyberia - this Friday, Teviot Underground.

Not only will there be a range of EBM, industrial, synthpop, and darkwave etc with old and guest DJs, but free sweets for everyone and glowsticks for the first 100!

Friday 28th November 10pm-3am
Teviot Underground, Edinburgh
£5 (£4 edgar) half price before 11!

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student jobs

I was wondering, how difficult would it be to find a job on campus? I know that the campus is moving this fall so things might differ somewhat. For example, does the library or post office hire students? Where might I go about finding postings?

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I hope this is okay to post here.  Feel free to delete if it's not okay.  I already tried posting for advice at nor_am_uk_ac but since this community is soley dedicated to one of the schools I was interested in I figured I would be able to find out more.  I want to study abroad before I finish college and the Queen Margaret University College is one of my choices.  So my questions.

1. I'm an early childhood/elementary education major.  How's the education department there?
2.  What's transportation like?  Is it easy to get around with?
3.  The town that the University is located in is it big or small?  
4.  What's the school size like?  I'd perfer to study abroad at a smaller school
5. What's the student life/night life like?
6.  Are the dorm rooms nice?  Which hall would you say had the best ones? 

Thanks to anybody who can help provide me with some additonal insight into the school.  

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Hi, I'm applying as an International student at QMUC this fall. I'm curious about a couple of questions related to accomodation, to which I hope current/past students can really help me with.

I plan to stay in the post graduate student accomodations, and I'm given the choice of Grainger Stewart Halls, or Waverley Halls/Houses. Besides the minor details they give us (suit style, etc), I was wondering about the location itself. I plan to study Physiotherapy and I was wondering if anyone here knows which one is closer to the buildings where classes might be held? I understand this kind of question might be too detailed, but I'm not a morning person and I have trouble getting up sometimes...

Second, I planned to self cater and I was wondering how convenient grocery stores are to campus and/or residences.

Any kind of help is largely appreciated!

(One last question irrelevant to accomodations; I've read something about QMUC deciding to switch from college to university. What's the latest news concerning that topic, and can anyone provide me with any links? Thank you very much!)

Something to do this August?

I do not/did not go to QMUC but i had a lot of actors friends that did, so maybe one of you will be interested...

Casting Call:

Frantic Redhead Productions is looking for a few good men!!
We need young men between the ages of 18-24 who are EDINBURGH RESIDENTS and
available for rehearsals/performances between July 31st and August 26th.
There are several roles available in all of Frantic Redheads 2006 productions
which include
For some idea of how these outdoor productions work please visit our website at:

Send CV, photos and contact information to:

Thanks so much!!